Snapshot 3 (S160328)

Get the new snapshot here.

Much technical changes.

Since the last release of RBA I have rewritten big parts of the inner mechanics of the game.
One positive effect of this that no more data files are needed to store monsters,tiles or items. Instead all this objects are loaded out of python-modules directly.
This makes developing much faster and more easy.
More interesting for players might be the new title screen an the fact that the game now supports more then one saved game.
Main Menu
Also the complete UI has been improved to offer a better view on the games map.
The new GUI.
Build mode
Finally I started to build a low resolution mode to be able to port the game on devices like the GCW Zero. The main view works already well only the menus still need a bit more work.
low resolution low resolution
If you like to test the low resolution mode by your self you have to set ‚low_res‘ to ‚True‘ inside ./LIB/ .

Gameplay related changes

In the gameplay didn't change so much this time but a few improvements are worth to talk about.
First dryades spawn as peaceful monsters now and turn to angry dryades if you chop down a tree near by. (Villager NPCs aren't affected)
Peaceful Dryade
Angry Dryade
Secondly, shopkeepers are implemented as real NPCs now that walk around in their shops.
Furthermore I haveve improved the eat function. If you eat rotten food now you have a chance to become blind and/or poisoned.
At last but not at least I have added the possibility to swim in deep water if you are not wearing any Armor.

Become social

I decided that it would be a good idea to use social media in order to keep the development process transparent.
But for a free software project like this one the big well known (and not free) services are not suitable, so I just created a group on the GNU social network you can join me on:
If you want to know more about the GNU social network please visit:

What's next?

Since the first release of RBA almost every change made was a technical one. So I decided to make new content for the next release. Much new content! ;-)