Snapshot 4 (S160429)

The weeks after the last release of RogueBox Adventures past really fast to me. But for all that I have made a lot progress in the development of the game.

The game world grows.

The first time since the release of v1.00 I have managed to add a big amount of new content to RBA.
A brand new biom with own vegetation and monsters has become part of the game.
It is a desert located southward from the main map. You can reach it by finding a guidepost somewhere at the southern edge.

The desert contains:

- Two new plants(palms and cacti) which are both act like trees
- A new kind of rocks(desert rocks) which acts like the already known rock on the main map
- 3 new hostile monsters
- A new kind of animal(lizard)
- A random generated river
- And a settlement whit a new kind of peaceful NPCs called Neko (a catlike race)

You can build everything inside the desert biom but no stairs. This is because I am planning a dungeon to explore in the underground here for a later update and I don’t want the player to be able to dig inside.
Desert Monsters
The dessert

Further improvements

A lot of bugs from snapshot 3 have been fixed this time. The most important is that the monsters will be a bit more weak now. After changing the way they are generated they got a bit to overpowered I guess.
The compatibility to GCW-Zero also is on a good way now. But there still have to be changed some things.
A new feature that really will affect the gameplay is the possibility to collect young plants (this means saplings, young cacti, palm saplings and scrub seeds) and plant them at another place.
This will allow you to farm berries more easy or to build a tree farm behind save walls etc.
A last improvement that will be interesting people who like to play RBA on a *nix-like system (like BSD, GNU/Linux or Apple OSX).
I have added a option flag ('-m') you can use to let the game create a launcher-file for you automatically. This maybe will make things a bit more easy to you.
Just type '[Path to RBA]*/ -m' inside your shell once and move the launcher wherever you want.
*You have to replace '[Path to RBA]' with the correct path were RBA lies on your computer.

A new way of distribution

After a discussion on ! I have decided to distribute the standalone of RBA on from now. I think that maybe would attract more new people (who maybe do not care about FOSS until now).
On the releases page of github you only will find the source releases, please go to itch if you like to download the MS Windows standalone. page

What's next?

I would not expect to much new features with the next release it will mainly contain bugfixes and some minor improvements.
But this isn’t because I do not like to work on RBA next month.
The main reason for this is that there have be some other things for the game then expand the codebase.
For example the homepage( has to be totally redone in order to look more professional to a person who seeks informations about the game.
Furthermore I have to improve the page and the articles on and
At last but not at least I want to start writing a users manual which will allow new players to come into the game much more easy.