RogueBox Adventures is still alive!

It has been long since the last update, what is mainly because of a little break in RBAís development from December 2016 to February 2017. But the project is definitive still under active development.
At the moment I am preparing a new release (v2.2.0), which should be out soon.
Today I would like to offer a little overview on the development process and show a few of the upcoming features that are already done.

New code hosting

First of all I like to announce that RBAís main git-repository has been moved from to postActiv is a fork of the GNUsocial microblogging software and is maintained by Maiyannah Bishop. She kindly allowed me to use her GitLab instance to host RBAís code.
Thank you Maiyannah!
If you are interested in postActiv, please visit or if you like to see a postActiv instance in action.

Letís keep talking about social media

During the past few weeks many users from the centralized, commercial microblogging service Twitter moved to a new, federated service called Mastodon(
If you are one of this people, please remember that people on Mastodon and GNUsocial can follow each other.
If you are interested in my work on RBA (or the other things I post) feel free to follow: (

What can you expect from v 2.2.0 ?

Version 2.2.0 will be one of two releases in preparation to add a story mode to the game. It is mainly focused on technical improvements.
The first things I have changed are some technical details to improve the game experience a bit.
Iíve added some color filters to simulate the day-night-circle and the darkness inside caves in a more plastic way.

Light 1

Light 2

The next step was to rework the inventory a bit. Axes and pickaxes got their own slot now and can be worn alongside with any weapons. This way you need to open up your inventory screen and switch your equipment much less often.

New Inventory

To allow you keeping an eye on your equipments state more efficient some icons with status bars have been added to the user interface.

Equipment State

Additional short, informative descriptions have been added for all items and player attributes. The way items can be placed in the game world has been improved as well.

Item Info


Finally monsters spawning behavior has got a complete overhaul. New monsters can spawn any time now, not only on the dawn of a new day.

Of course all this changes are nice but I do not like to offer a new release without new content in form of new items and monsters. And thats what I am working on right now.
You can expect at least 5 new outfits for your character, as well as a minimum of 5 new monsters to battle. Furthermore I plan to add a few more furniture objects (some decorative, others useful) and 2 or 3 new usable items.

I hope you will enjoy v 2.2.0 as soon it is available.