Version 2.0.0 released!

I am glad to announce the release of RogueBox Adventures version 2.0.0 today. Since the last official release so much things happened and I want to try give you a short summary of everything.

New host(s) for the project.

Until now RBA was completely hosted on (This included the hosting of the website as well.) But meanwhile there are more voices against this platform appeared inside the free software movement and I can not deny the ethic issues on this platform as well. (If you want to know more about this subject you can read this article by the FSF.)
So I was looking for alternatives and found two for the hosting of code: and The main repository of RBA's code is hosted on while a mirror repository is available on For the hosting of the website I have found a good partner in So you can find the games website on now. (There is also a trailer available that shows some of the new features.)

The game world changed a lot.

In the last snapshot that I have published on github I already head added the desert as a new location. This time two dungeons have be added and two of the old locations (grot and orcish mines) got a new generation algorithm to let them appear more natural.
All four places are not saved persistent any more but generated new for every visit. That means that you can play this dungeon levels as often as you like and they always will be a new challenge.
Dungeon 1
Dungeon 2

The monsters got much smarter.

Until now everything RBA's monsters were able to do was running to you and try to hit you in close combat. That was not really interesting in the long run. Now they are able to take potions when they are wounded or they can turn to flee. Some of them even can use teleport spells to escape you.
Other monsters maybe will attack you whit from fare away with their magic or they will try to steal your gems if they stand next to you. More rare creatures like gasps will possibly even summon other monsters.

Decorative clothing.

With version 2.0.0 of RogueBox Adventures a totally new class of item was added to the game: decorative clothing. Like the name suggests this items don't have a effect on the characters attributes but can change its appearance. This is just a nice gimmick for you to enjoy.
Decorative clothing

Python3 support and Official release for GCW Zero.

Version 2.0.0 is also the first one proved to run with Python 3.5 while still stays backward compatible with python 2.7. This is important to prepare RBA's way for the future when python2 slowly will fade away while phyton3 rise in its importance.
Version 2.0.0 is also the first one with an official opk-package for the GCW Zero open source gaming console. I hope all proud owners of such a device will enjoy the game (even if the save/load time is still a bit to long in my opinion).
As a little bonus I have added a version control function. If the option 'Check version' is turned on the game will tell you if a new release is available.

The way ahead.

From the actual point of view RBA's future looks bright. There is still a lot to do but I think the game is on a very good way.
There are plans for at least 3 new types of location (tropical island, magic forest and volcanic wasteland). Furthermore there are plans for new features like animal breeding, a expanded farming system and better behaviour for villager NPC's.