Version 2.1.0 released!

I'm happy to announce the release of version 2.1.0 of RogueBox Adventures today. Since the last release I have mainly worked on bugfixes and some improvements of the user expirience.

Here is a list of the fixed bugs:

-Decorative clothing get a silly name when identified at an altar
-Crashes with crafting stations
-Misspell tank > thank
-Crash when using heavy bag
-Save files won't be deleted when dying in roguelike-mode
-Game loads last save data instead of quit to desktop
-Loose max_lp when using Mysterious Blue Crystal
-hit icons are still shown after respawn
-player hair is not shown if wearing a helmet and a hat at the same time
-Sudden dead while sleeping
-Wrong items are crafted
-'Cross'-button dosn't work
-Immobile mobs can be missed
-Taking crops crashes the game
-One single tile of floor has a coast of 0 stone

Thanks to 'eugeneloza' and 'gerick007' for bugreports and feedback.

And here are the new features of RBA:

-Coloured item names(Equipment: purple = cursed item, gold = holy item, red = allmost broken item; Food: red = rotten food)

Inventory 1

Inventory 2

-Info bars for monsters. The coloured dots show the behaviour(red = hostile, gray = flee, green = friendly) and the numbers represent the monsters level.

Monster Info

-Improved user interface. Four icons to show you your interaction possibilities have been added.


What's next?

For the next release of RBA I plan to add some kind of story to the game. It will be optional to follow it.
At the current state I do not want to spoiler to much about this. Just enjoy the current release and looking foreward to the next one.