How to play RBA on BSD, GNU/Linux or OSX

RogueBox Adventures is written in a programming language called 'Python'.
Python is a so called scripting language. This meas that programms written in such a language are distributed as plain text files and you need a special programm(interpreter) to execute them.
If you use any GNU/Linux distribution Python should already part of it, on BSD a port of Python should exist as well and Mac users can download it here.
The onlything important is that you have to install version 2.7.11 of Python not 3.X, because RogueBox Adventures isn't fully compatible with Python 3 in the current state.

After installing python on your system you still need pygame.
Pygame is a extention for Python which adds some functionalities that are requiered for games.
You can read how to install pygame here.

Congratiolations, your computer is now ready to run RogueBox Adventures!

Now you can download the game on and extract the zip file anywere you want.
I would suggest a directory like ~/Games/RogueBox-Adventures(The ~ can be replaced with /home/[your username] ).

The next step is to open the shell. The shell is a fast and powerful tool to comunicate with your computer.
You should be able to find an application called Terminal.(On GNU/Linux it also could be xterm, LXTerm or something similar)
The application that opens should look like something:
The colors can look different.

Now type cd ~/Games/RogueBox-Adventures and press enter. The result should look like this:
The colors can look different.

If you type python ./ and hit enter the game should start now if you have done everything right.

I'm sure you don't like to do all this steps everytime you wanna play RBA. So I've build in a short cut. Just type:

python -m

This will create a launcher inside RogueBox Adventure's main directory for you.
Your personal launcher.

You can move this launcher where ever you like and use it to start the game from now on. (This will work as long the game isn't moved)