RogueBox Adventures v2.2.0 "Unknown Depths" released!

Today (December 20th 2017) I am proud to announce the release of RogueBox Adventures v2.2.0 “Unknown depths”. It was a long way from the last release to where the game is now and took me exactly one year. But the result is worth the long waiting period. It is my personal (a bit early) Christmas present to all of you!
Instead of boring you further with endless text I just will summarize the most important new features with a few screenshots and tell you that I hope the next release will not need a year again.

New features

- light effects


- improved UI that shows you state of your equipment all the time
Item info

- some new comfort functionalities for the inventory menu

- more beautiful dungeons
Beautiful dungeon

- portals

- underground regions for the desert
New underground

- vaults

- new monsters with new abilities

- crafting skills

- magic shops

- dynamic fire

- stackable items

- throwable items
Throw 1

Throw 1